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Once there was an Empress who broke off a Shard of the World...

The Story

Tell a Demon is a Visual Novel for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It tells three intertwining stories set in the turn of the century city-state of Asher. Your choices affect the outcome, with several endings for each character.

Take on the role of a human girl in a supernatural city, an immortal demoness with a mission (and possibly a vendetta), and an undead fellow who wouldn't mind having his life back, thank you very much.



Julius died six months ago. When you're dead, other people get to worry about the things that used to keep you up at night. Same applies if you're a shadow demon — a demon made by someone from the Immortal Empress's cursed line.

That is, until you break free of the chain of minds that connects all shadow demons. Then all the mercies of being really dead — moldering in the ground dead — are denied to you. And don't forget the hunger. That'll keep you up at night — hunting.


Something is going on in the far too quiet, far too empty city-state of Asher. Kalevel intends to find out exactly what that is. Yet, when an old companion in immortality betrays her, she is prepared to dismiss it as another demon game.

When she realizes that he'll stop at nothing to keep her out of the way this time, Kalevel begins to grasp just how much is at stake, and how much her detachment — one side effect of immortality — has kept her from seeing what is truly going on.


Some years ago, Tell's cousin died, casting a shadow of grief over her family. Now, Tell has moved to the city to live with her beloved aunt, and to carve a life for herself away from her country home and its sad memories.

Only it's not to be; one day, Tell looks into the eyes of a demon, and everything changes. Another shadow from her past must be confronted — and overcome, or she'll never be free.


Pre-Orders are now open! Tell a Demon's Pre-Order price is $9.99. This will give you access to each act or part of the story as it comes out. One price covers all four acts of the story.

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100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia


Not sure you want to download the demo? You can watch the first scene on youtube first.

Its original story and setting are the key selling points, but the artwork and the dialog are also one class above most recent productions. Alexandru Dulcianu, Softpedia


Tell a Demon is written and illustrated (and coded) by S. A. Welland. She has a BFA in Studio Art: Illustration.

The soundtrack was composed by ProjectTrinity.

Made with the Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine.

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There are no demons who do not dare...

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